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Here at Towne Vision Center, we offer a wide variety of glasses for your every need. We offer designer glasses, as well as glasses for sports, children and more. We care about your safety in the workplace.


Towne Vision Center ONLY sells AUTHENTIC Designer Sunglasses. We buy directly from local manufacturers or from Authorized Retailers. We sell only those products that are in production. Our glasses come with a guarantee that covers production defects except damages due to ordinary use. We provide you with a case, according to the glasses model and all accessories provided by the manufacturer. This could include a cleaning cloth, box case, either soft case or hard case and other accessories. We offer many of the top designers in eyewear and sunglasses. Most prescription lenses take one week to get completed.



3M has a wide range of eye Rx Protection and Standard glasses for the workplace. Towne Vision Center has solutions for large or small companies. We have many styles that offer comfort, fashionable looks and, most importantly, SAFETY.



Rec Specs protective sports eyewear has been the leader in children’s sports glasses as well as adult sports safety glasses for years. Some of the newest Rec Specs styles are presented here under the F8 Brand name. Liberty Sports is the parent company for both the Rec Specs and the F8 Brand eyewear. We know it could be confusing to present glasses on our Rec Specs page that will not have the Rec Specs brand name on them, but we order the F8 Eyewear and Liberty Sports.

Eyewear from Rec Specs, we stock them with the Rec Specs, and some people still think these are Rec Specs regardless of what logo is on them.



F8 is a premium protective eyewear brand centered around protection and performance. When F8 frames are fitted with the appropriate polycarbonate lenses, the eyewear meets or exceeds the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) F803 impact resistance guidelines. These standards have become increasingly important as various states and sporting organizations have focused on the need for safe and reliable protective sports eyewear.


Revolution Eyewear was started by Gary Martin in his Father-in-law’s garage in 1993. From the beginning, Revolution was the first company that offered a free clip-on with every frame purchased and was the first company to offer a full line of barless clip-ons.

In 1998, Revolution rolled out Innovative Magnetic Force Technology, also known as Bottom Mounted Magnetic Eyewear. Over the years, Revolution has continued to add exciting new lines using its Bottom Mounted Magnetic Eyewear.

In 2005, Revolution improved their Bottom Mounted Magnetic Eyewear technology by building the magnets into the frame’s structure itself. This major improvement provides a sleeker and cleaner appearance so that unsightly magnets and pockets cannot be seen with the naked eye. The company has received numerous awards from the business community and the optical industry for its innovative designs.

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